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Churchill Capital traders handle all orders with care and accuracy, precisely following client instructions. Our traders are specialists in risk arbitrage, relative value and event driven trading. Monitoring news flow and collecting data points, the team work closely alongside our research analysts to ensure clients get value added execution.

Our traders operate by the following
minimum standards of client service:

  • Written confirmation of orders on Bloomberg
  • Regular updates on orders providing market colour at each interval
  • Heads-up notification on significant news or meaningful price moves
  • Market colour on flows and block trades
  • Alerts when order is nearing completion
  • Post-order monitoring of trades

Upon completion of orders, clients can expect continued monitoring of significant events and flows from their Churchill trader.

Our global trading desk provides:

  • 24 hour global direct market execution
  • Access to liquidity
  • Expertise in the execution of risk
    arbitrage / pairs and event names
  • Expertise on market intricacies, tax issues, trading and settlement risks
  • Reliable execution of complex strategies, with multiple legs and
    limit formulas
  • Equity linked global currency execution and cross-currency trades
  • Two way prices on global trading strategies, such as DLCs
  • Warehousing facilities for execution of less liquid trades
  • Ability to book cash or give up to all market counterparties

Our trading team provides a bank of experience for clients to leave any order in any market and feel secure that it will be handled in a discrete, professional and reliable manner.

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