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Churchill Capital has a global 24 hour settlements team to compliment our execution service. We are dedicated to settlement excellence and consistently go the extra mile to settle our clients trades - we have our finger on the pulse of settlements in all markets and at all times.

Proactive settlement is our forte. We help our clients improve their settlement knowledge and performance by keeping them informed about trades from the moment they are executed, pre-matched and settled.

Our settlements team benefits from experience gained from the investment banking, hedge fund and institutional brokerage industries.

Clearing Bank
(Pershing LLC)

Churchill Capital clears through Pershing LLC, who are one of the largest clearing firms in the world. Clearing via Pershing allows us access to their global agent bank network and direct access to Swift and DTC; so we can settle in all markets with our trade instruction and reporting is real time. This allows us be a truly global institutional broker.

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